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             Was established in January 1993 with the objective to purse the growing business in water, 

waste water and environmental conservation.

             Sinece 1993 WETCO's principals have engaged in the business of trading environment equipment, 

 Operation & maintenance services. It was found that most supplier in the business lacks technical knowledge 

and services capability required of successful engineering supplier company. 

                    Mor often, endusers are left frustrated by those incompetence suppliers. Henc, 

WETCO plans to take advantage of the opportunities for market development and penetration that its principals are confident exits.

WETCO business can be classified as trading of environment equipment, operation & maintenance services serving customer in industrial, municipal, hospital, building and goverment sectors. The company is in the intermediate stage, having represented or being sole agent for competence line of product. WETCO perceives technology know-how and excellent after sales services as our competence. Our sales staffs as well as services personal are qualified engineers who could provide customers with prctically and economically sound solution to thier environmental problem.